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 Introduction to Immortalis Community

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PostSubject: Introduction to Immortalis Community   Thu Jan 29, 2015 9:28 pm

We have decided to create a forum bringing all of the Immortalis Community into one convenient website. Please bear with us as we are just starting this out and it may seem a little messy.

Here's our plan on what we'll be adding onto this site (Feel free to suggest anything else):

- Basic information on how Immortalis works and a run-down of how to play each event.
- Tips & Hints
- Possibly a card category, where you can see the Immortal Art, it's name, skill etc.
- a Chat! Because that's where all the fun is at!
- Openings for guilds, or solo players seeking for guilds.

We are open to suggestions.

Thanks very much,
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Introduction to Immortalis Community
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